HP 11×17 Printer

HP Photosmart B8550 Photo Printer

hp printer b8550
“Congrats to HP for delivering the best value in the large format photo inkjet printer segment. Picked up one of these on sale and am AMAZED with the outstanding photo quality for the price I paid. My large prints off this printer compete with several of my friends that have other well known brands of wide carrage printers costing many hundreds more. One of these friends just paid over a thousand dollars for a similar model from a competitor and this HP model prints just as nicely when you hold the output side-by-side. And this takes ink cartridges that I can find locally. My friends model takes twice as many cartridges and to add insult to injury he has to order them online (nobody locally stocks them). Couldn’t be happier.”

HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer NEW

HP Officejet 7000
“I needed a 13×19 wide format printer that could produce excellent quality, speed and have the option to print many types of paper for my art festival prints. Thanks to the wonderful HP sales rep I was convinced the HP 7000 was the printer for me. The HP 7000 is the easiest printer I have ever installed on my Mac. The print quality is outstanding, great speed, even on best quality, very smooth operation with low noise.
Printer was shipped to me very fast.
I learned to purchase HP printers several years ago, because the print heads are either in every new ink cartridge or you can simply buy another printhead to easily install, like in this HP 7000. I can not believe the low price of this printer, it is well worth the money. My profit margin just went up some more.”

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